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Carster was created to help those in the Emergency roadside services and automotive industry quickly, easily and efficiently acquire specific vehicle information, deliver tips, alerts and data.

We have worked with people in the industry and created a new approach to address safety and damage control by using technology as a proactive tool. We also make work more convenient and economical, by converting paper based business reports to digital ones, making communication easier and environmentally friendly.

Carster partners with those in the Emergency roadside services and automobile industry to build stronger safety awareness, minimizing damage control and strengthen the costumer service experience



Allan Rivera

Allan is a Computer systems engineer with over 20 years of experience in the computer industry. With a gift in the arts, he has also worked in the graphic design industry. Now he has decided to work on something completely different from his original professional background. Over the past two years he has been working in the Emergency Roadside Services, rescuing and assisting individuals in need of help. His combined experiences have led him to found Carster and a great new way to raise safety awareness and prevent damage claims within this industry.


Dean Soukeras (Sr. Product Mgr.)

Dean is a serial entrepreneur, having built multi-million dollar websites and apps. Known as an entrepreneurial professional with an extensive background in business and product development, he loves all things tech related. He has helped thousands of people in a variety of industries and he now hopes to bring his skill and expertise to the automotive industry.